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First-time Brazilian wax. Local expert advice.

First-time Brazilian wax customers most often find themselves concerned over whether the treatment will be too painful, which method works the best for their skin, or how best to prepare for their first appointment. 

In this article, we answer these questions along with other helpful tips when going to a first-time Brazilian wax appointment. Generally speaking, Brazilian waxing is not too different from epilation of other parts of the body and doesn’t require the same special preparations. 

The short answer on how to best prepare for a first-time Brazilian wax is to be fresh and clean with the optimal hair length for the wax treatment (detailed below). 


How painful is Brazilian wax and how to make the experience more comfortable?

Usually, first-time Brazilian waxing is more sensitive, partly it’s a mental thing, but also there can be extra sensitivity caused by the strength of hair. Following sessions will be much easier especially when Brazilian wax sessions are at regular intervals.  

Our suggested tricks to make the first Brazilian waxing more comfortable:

  • Do not apply any skincare products prior to 24 hours of the appointment. Oily and moisturized skin may cause extra sensitivity due to increased stickiness of wax. 
  • Trust the bikini area to professionals and don’t try to do it at home if you have never done it before. Experienced professional will make this job smoother and the result will last longer. Wrong epilation techniques can cause issues such as ingrown hairs which may take several months to heal. If you want to start your own waxing experience at home, we recommend trying on the legs first and see how it goes after a few sessions. 


Which hair removal method works best for a first-time Brazilian and bikini wax?

As the founder of Bare Care, with my past experiences over 25 years with shaving, hot waxing, DIY wax strips, epilators, epilation cream, “organic” epilation creams, and sugaring I strongly recommend the sugaring method and have provided this service at Bare Care since 2015.  

 Sugaring is one of the least sensitive hair removal methods and is gentle and safe on the skin. It removes all hairs effectively, even on deep bikinis, reducing the regrowth rate. My personal chose sugaring as it is the only method that gives the best result every time, guaranteed


I’m a little nervous about going somewhere new and exposing my bikini area? 

It is common to have these feelings about exposing this area and is very normal to feel this way. We often suggest thinking of it like a doctor's visit which does the trick for some people.  First-time Brazilian wax customers usually only feel a little awkward just for the first few minutes before relaxing into the treatment. Any future or following appointments will be very easy and the initial awkwardness will not be given a second thought.  


Does sugaring make a difference, particularly for those with sensitive skin prone to irritation, especially after shaving?

Shaving is one of the most ineffective ways of managing unwanted hair. This is especially the case for the bikini area where the skin is covered by underwear for most of the day.

Sugaring extracts hairs only as it sticks to the skin just a little and doesn’t cause as much irritation. Some signs of irritation may be experienced right after a session, but usually, it only lasts 30 minutes. Ensure all after-care recommendations are followed as it’s an essential part of the hair removal routine. 


Will the Brazilian wax treatment stop hair regrowth?

Sugaring may slow down hair regrowth rate and make it lighter and finer, but it doesn’t stop hair growth completely. Regrowth rates have a personal effect, some people see the difference after the first session, some need to go through a few appointments to reduce it. 


What does Brazilian include? 

Simply put, Brazilian wax means removing hairs all under panties including deep inside, buttocks, and between. But you always have the choice to extend it or maybe leave some areas untouched.


How long should the hair be?

For the first appointment, hair length should be at least 7mm long. We can always trim hairs to the desired length at our place if they are too long, free of charge.


When is the ideal time to stop shaving?

On average it takes approximately 3 weeks for all hair to reach the ideal length for Brazilian waxing. The reason for such a long period is due to the uneven regrowth pattern of hair. 

The fact is hair doesn’t all grow at the same rate. Some hairs may be ready for sugaring in a week after shaving, but others may stay at the “sleeping” stage and start growing after 1-2 weeks. So, 3 weeks of growth is a safe period for the cleanest first-time Brazilian wax. 


Is it ok to do Brazilian wax during menstruation?

The common practice is to use tampons during these days. A period doesn’t affect the waxing session experience and it doesn’t increase sensitivity to the treatment. We have found though that 2-3 days prior to a period starting may cause some extra sensitivity during the Brazilian wax treatment. 


How often do I need to do Brazilian wax?

The optimal time, on average, is between 5 and 7 weeks. This interval between sessions helps to give the cleanest result and reduce the regrowth rate. 


Can a Brazilian wax treatment be done on all body types?

Yes, the body size and shape should not have any effect on having this treatment done. 


Does the initial appointment for a Brazilian cost more?

Not at Bare Care. In fact, first-time waxing or waxing after several months break requires extra effort, but we don’t apply any extra charges under any circumstances


Are there any side effects to the Brazilian wax?

If you do Brazilian with true sugaring then there shouldn’t be any side effects. Sugar wax made just from sugar only requires a little heating. It’s a safe and natural hair removal method, however, keep in mind that the skin will need some after-care, especially after Brazilian waxing.


Why choose Bare Care in general?
We believe the next four words best describe the service at Bare Care: 

Clean, Welcome, Experience, Sugaring