Female SUGAR Waxing

Brazilian(bare) 60 NZD
High bikini 40 NZD
Bikini lane 25 NZD
Half legs 40 NZD
Full legs 60 NZD
Underarms 20 NZD
Lower arms 30 NZD
Full arms 45 NZD
Back 40 NZD
Eyebrows 30 NZD
Upper lip 15 NZD
Chin 15 NZD


With sugaring, you will enjoy your soft skin with no unwanted hairs for
3-4 WEEKS or get money back.

For me, it is highly important to provide the best customers experience possible, that is why I give 3 weeks 100% money back guarantee on any provided services. 

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What is SUGARING and how does it work:

Sugaring is a method of hair removal.Sugaring is often compared to standard waxing, but actually sugar waxing has several advatages over traditional wax. During the process, a sugaring wax adhire to and essentially removes hair without attaching to the skin. The substrate can be applied at room temperature or heated to a lukewarm temperature, minimizing the risk of burns. For this reason, sugaring is generally preferred over waxing when it comes to removing hair from larger areas of skin or on more sensitive areas such face. As far as sugaring removes more hairs without damaging follicle each next procedure brings less pain as hair gets thinner and thinner with each next procedure. The main component of sugaring wax is sugar. And as far as sugar itself is hypoallergenic, the sugaring does not provoke an allergy reaction.

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Are you looking for brazilian waxing (sugaring)?

Brazilian waxing (sugaring) in Auckland

Questions & Answers

I would like to try SUGARING, but I'm scared.

As a woman I understand it and I would say it is OK to be worried, especially when you want to try sugaring or waxing for the first time. It is hard to trust a new specialist who you don't know yet, isn't it? So, if you are in a similar situation, please feel free to send me a request and rise all your concerns about your first sugaring session. With new customers, I usually start on less sensitive zones to give the client a chance to get feeling of how does sugaring work. You can ask to stop the procedure at any time with no charge. 
You also may try to find feedbacks from my current customers who had the same concerns. 

Do you do regular waxing or hot waxing?

Not at this moment. The Hot Waxing has just a few advantages over sugar waxing - it is faster and cheaper hair removal method, which may work well for less sensitive areas such as legs or arms, but waxing just cannot compete with sugaring on such zones as bikini or underarms where consideration of hair growth direction and body shapes are vital. Also, that lasting result of sugaring is longer than after waxing.

What length of hair is suitable for sugaring?

Optimal size is 5mm. In "emergency cases" :) it can be 3-4mm, but the result wouldn't be that good. So, I would recommend having length 5-7 mm especially if you try sugaring for the first time. But don't grow it too long also :) The longer hair the stronger it "sits" in a hair follicle. 

For how long does sugaring last?

After a sugaring, you have soft and clean skin for 3-4 weeks. Sugar waxing removes hairs with roots and doesn't cut them off, as a result, with each next procedure the hair is getting softer, thinner and brighter.
In my practice, I saw the "shortest result" for 3 weeks, which still isn't so bad, isn't?
How often do you do epilation currently? ;) Some customers get a semi-permanent effect after 3-5 sessions of sugaring, meaning that the overall amount of hair is reducing. 

What is the best interval between hair removal sessions with sugaring?

According to my experience, the best result achieved with period 5-6 weeks between sessions. Sugaring removes hairs from roots and it reduces regrowth time. Another thing to keep in mind that hairs don't grow all at once and if you come to the next session to early, then some hairs may be just about to reach the surface and they will not be removed. In another hand, if hair grows too long, then roots become stronger and may cause you unnecessary sensitivity during hair removal session.  

Is sugaring painful?

Sugaring is one of the most gentle hair removal method, but it is not completely pain-free. Sugar wax itself makes the procedure more comfortable as it does NOT adhere to the skin. Dispatch method and experience also make a difference. We use 100% hand method - no tools, no strips, just hands only. We also use a special dispatch technique which helps to reduce the sensitivity of your skin and get even more comfortable experience during hair removal session.

Can I do brazilian waxing with sugar wax?

Absolutely! Brazilian waxing is where sugaring does the best work and no other method can compete with it. If you did regular brazilian waxing before, then you will admire how gentle sugaring is and how long skin remains hair-free. Also, sugaring has a better "penetration", I mean sugar wax removes hairs from root considering body shape and direction of hair growth. For example, with sugaring, there is no problem at all to extract 100% of hairs between buttocks and all-around bikini lips. You will be absolutely bare all under panties after brazilian waxing with sugaring. 
Read more about brazilian and bikini sugar waxing here

Can I do eyebrows shaping with sugar waxing?

Yes, but I would highly recommend getting an appointment with our eyebrows artist Viktoria.  
She is doing really good brows and makeup. Read more about eyebrow and makeup.  

How to care for the skin after sugar waxing? 

Generally speaking for the two days after sugaring you need to keep your skin ultra-clean, avoid contacts, sweating and swimming. Since day 3, you need to keep your skin moisturized and do exfoliation every 3 days during the hot shower. Learn more about aftercare.

Is it safe to do sugaring during pregnancy? 

It is always better to raise this question with a doctor or your midwife. But in most cases, sugaring hair removal has no contraindications during pregnancy, as it is harm-free and one of the less painful hair removal method. 

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