Sugaring as better waxing alternative




5 Reasons to choose SUGARING (sugar waxing) over traditional WAXING 

Not all waxing procedures are the same. The key differences between traditional waxing and sugaring are below: 


1. Sugaring (sugaring wax) removes hair in the same direction as hair growth. 

Why is it so important?

Traditional waxing bandage despatches opposite direction of hair growth, and as a result, it damages the hair follicle, causes pain and quite often brakes hair rather than remove it. But pain is not even the main issue, the real problem is ingrown hairs, which may come up as hairs regrow in the wrong direction due to damage. 

In opposite traditional waxing, Sugaring waxing extracts hair on a natural way of hair's growth, it does not hurt the follicle and removes entire hairs from roots.


2. Less pain during hair removal session with sugar wax.

Less pain with sugaring compare to hot waxing, how does it work? 

There are two sources of pain caused by waxing. First, you may be sensitive to hair extraction. It various and depends on such factors as personal sensitivity, quality and period of a previous waxing session. The second source of pain is micro skin damage caused by the dispatch. Hot wax, for example, adheres quite firmly and it may peel off the skin along with unwanted hairs. If you done waxing before, you could be experienced that burning feeling on the skin which lasts for while after hair removal procedure, especially after brazilian wax.  

Sugaring doesn't hurt the skin, as sugar paste sticks to hair mostly and not to the skin. Also, put in to count, that sugaring removes the most hairs from roots, which makes them much easier to remove with unnecessary pain in future procedures. Once you try sugaring for first time you see how different it is in terms of sensibility.   




3. Forget about burns, sugaring isn't hot at all.

Waxing may cause burns, sugaring does NOT.

Sugar wax doesn't require that much heating as hot wax does. Sugaring working temperature is close to the temperature of the humans body. We alos have special bread of sugar wax which doesn't require any heat and may work the right from a jar, so you will never get burnt with sugaring. 


4. There are no sticky traces after the sugaring hair removal session!

Opposite to traditional wax, sugaring paste doesn't leave the skin sticky after the waxing procedure. Sugar wax made just from sugar and skin can be cleaned just with wet wipes or water. But in 99% cases, sugaring doesn't leave anything on the skin neither hairs nor sticky spots. This fact also allows using oil-free after-wax lotions, gels, or just aloe. ( read after-care recommendations to know more why oil-free lotions or gels are generally better for after-wax care) Such way you leave our salon hair-free and all your underwear remains clean and you will feel fresh :)


5. Clean and soft skin for 3-4 weeks.

Sugaring wax grabs hairs very firmly, which increases chances to extract the whole hair, rather than cut it off. Embraced hair despatches along the hair growth direction, which eliminates chances breaking hair during extraction, and as a result, the hair gets entirely extracted. The regrow period of completely extracted hairs is at least 3-4 weeks, while for broken hairs, it is not much different to shaving. 


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