Sugar Waxing Aftercare

How to care for your body after sugar waxing

It is very important that you take care of the sugared region, therefore it is recommended that you read the below-mentioned article carefully as it will offer you some key tips for taking good care of your skin.

Some of the key instructions which you should follow in this regard are given below. Make sure you pay proper attention towards the below-mentioned points.

Day 1 or on the day after sugaring

  • The first thing we do the right after the hair removal procedure is to apply some Aloe Vera on the waxed region as quickly as possible in case your skin is getting sore and swollen. On the first day, you may repeat this procedure several times. It can be a good idea to apply some Aloe Vera gel before you go to sleep.
  • Try to avoid sexual contact in order to prevent irritation, especially if you are after brazilian waxing. 
  • It is also good to avoid any physical exercising, gym or activities which may cause your skin sweating.  Please stay away from swimming pools at day after sugaring.

Day 2

  • Keep your skin protected and take extra care for the next 2 days; avoid using any perfumed moisturizer on the sugared area.
  • Your skin becomes sensitive after waxing so you should not apply any other product (except prescribed ones) to the waxed area because it can block the pores and lead to infection.
  • As your skin continues to heal for about 48 hours after sugar waxing, so do not make the mistake of using a tanning bed.
  • Stay away from swimming for 2 days after your waxing as there can be harmful bacteria in the water that can easily penetrate through still open pores and cause infection.
  • You need to be very attentive with the sun and avoid sunbathing for about 48 hours so that your skin can get a chance to heal itself.  
  • Now, you should consider taking a warm shower. I don't recommend to use gel shower, as it dries your skin. I would recommend using soap with moisturizing effect.  Towel down the water gently.
  • Once you have taken a bath you need to wear loose cotton clothing properly. Tight clothing can cause a lot of irritation and so you should stay away from them.
  • Now, you can apply some lavender or tea - tree oil to the waxed region. Both of them are antiseptic and so they are going to soothe your skin a great deal.

Day 3 and after

  • At last, you can exfoliate your skin properly. The exfoliating glove can help you in a lot of ways. Make sure you do exfoliation 2 times a week during the hot shower. 
  • In the unlikely event of getting irritation, bumps or ingrown hairs, please don't try to solve the problem your own. Instead, I kindly insist to get in touch with me as soon as possible.

So, these are some of the most interesting things which you should know about taking good care after the sugaring procedure. You need to follow these instructions after the sugaring so you can avoid irritation, rash, and bumps. 

Best regards,

Sugaring Specialist
Marina Ivanova


Sugaring as better waxing alternative




5 Reasons to choose SUGARING (sugar waxing) over traditional WAXING 

Not all waxing procedures are the same. The key differences between traditional waxing and sugaring are below: 


1. Sugaring (sugaring wax) removes hair in the same direction as hair growth. 

Why is it so important?

Traditional waxing bandage despatches opposite direction of hair growth, and as a result, it damages the hair follicle, causes pain and quite often brakes hair rather than remove it. But pain is not even the main issue, the real problem is ingrown hairs, which may come up as hairs regrow in the wrong direction due to damage. 

In opposite traditional waxing, Sugaring waxing extracts hair on a natural way of hair's growth, it does not hurt the follicle and removes entire hairs from roots.


2. Less pain during hair removal session with sugar wax.

Less pain with sugaring compare to hot waxing, how does it work? 

There are two sources of pain caused by waxing. First, you may be sensitive to hair extraction. It various and depends on such factors as personal sensitivity, quality and period of a previous waxing session. The second source of pain is micro skin damage caused by the dispatch. Hot wax, for example, adheres quite firmly and it may peel off the skin along with unwanted hairs. If you done waxing before, you could be experienced that burning feeling on the skin which lasts for while after hair removal procedure, especially after brazilian wax.  

Sugaring doesn't hurt the skin, as sugar paste sticks to hair mostly and not to the skin. Also, put in to count, that sugaring removes the most hairs from roots, which makes them much easier to remove with unnecessary pain in future procedures. Once you try sugaring for first time you see how different it is in terms of sensibility.   




3. Forget about burns, sugaring isn't hot at all.

Waxing may cause burns, sugaring does NOT.

Sugar wax doesn't require that much heating as hot wax does. Sugaring working temperature is close to the temperature of the humans body. We alos have special bread of sugar wax which doesn't require any heat and may work the right from a jar, so you will never get burnt with sugaring. 


4. There are no sticky traces after the sugaring hair removal session!

Opposite to traditional wax, sugaring paste doesn't leave the skin sticky after the waxing procedure. Sugar wax made just from sugar and skin can be cleaned just with wet wipes or water. But in 99% cases, sugaring doesn't leave anything on the skin neither hairs nor sticky spots. This fact also allows using oil-free after-wax lotions, gels, or just aloe. ( read after-care recommendations to know more why oil-free lotions or gels are generally better for after-wax care) Such way you leave our salon hair-free and all your underwear remains clean and you will feel fresh :)


5. Clean and soft skin for 3-4 weeks.

Sugaring wax grabs hairs very firmly, which increases chances to extract the whole hair, rather than cut it off. Embraced hair despatches along the hair growth direction, which eliminates chances breaking hair during extraction, and as a result, the hair gets entirely extracted. The regrow period of completely extracted hairs is at least 3-4 weeks, while for broken hairs, it is not much different to shaving. 


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How much is sugaring?

Sugaring FAQ






Sugaring waxing specialist in Auckland

Lena Nefiodov - Sugaring waxing specialist in Auckland

If you have tried SUGARING, then you already know the difference between sugaring and other hair removal methods.  

In fact, sugaring is less painful and gentle hair removal method. Sugaring waxing works well for the most sensitive zone of skin which important when you want to remove hair from a bikini or even want to do brazilian waxing.  Sugaring doesn't damage and doesn't irritate skin as sugaring wax doesn't stick to the skin, it removes hairs from the roots and doesn't damage the follicle.

But it did you know what makes sugaring waxing so different and why our customers never turn back to hot waxing? 

Of course, sugaring wax makes the difference and has many advantages over hot wax for example, but the same way as good cosmetic doesn't make a good makeup, but a specialist, sugaring wax is a just good tool in the right hands of a professional. 

 So, let me introduce one of such professionals with the right hands. 

Lena Nefiodov was my customer since the business was established in Auckland. A while after Lena walked throw hard training and became the sugaring waxing specialist here in Auckland. Such way Lena knows the sugaring from both sides - as a customer and as a sugaring therapist. What makes her work even more exceptional. Lena works with all afford, care and attention to details. 

 If you are still in doubt where to find excellent sugaring wax specialist in Auckland, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and come to try sugaring. You will get your best hair removal experience or we give 100% money back. 

 Why Bare Care is the best place in Auckland to do sugaring waxing? We guarantee the result and provide 100% money back guarantee for 3 weeks after you take the procedure. 


Are you looking for different hair removal method?

where to do sugaring in auckland

Where to do sugaring waxing in Auckland

Where to do sugaring waxing in Auckland? 

When you are looking for sugar waxing or sugaring in Auckland you need two know at least a few things.

First, the original sugaring isn't well-know in New Zealand yet. There are only a few places in Auckland where you can take sugar waxing with original sugar paste and along with the true manual sugaring hair removal method.

The second concern is the original sugar paste. Many people are mixing up real sugaring with traditional waxing. Some salons advertise sugaring, but in reality, it can be just liquid sugar wax along with classic strip or bandage technique. Such kind of sugaring may give a little better waxing experience during the procedure, but in fact, it is not the classic sugaring in the common meaning of this hair removal procedure. Moreover, the bandage technique is not effective for Brazilian Waxing compare to Brazilian waxing with true sugaring where a specialist may plunge paste much deeper and remove hairs even in the lane between buttocks using the hand apply and dispatch method. Bandage just can't grab hairs as firmly as an original bread of sugar wax made for brazilian waxing. So be aware when you book an appointment for sugaring and at least gather more details about a procedure before you go. 


 original sugaring wax how does it look

6 Reasons to choose Bare Care to do sugar waxing in Auckland.

 If you are aware of what sugaring is and you know the difference between original sugar waxing and traditional waxing or hot waxing then here are few reasons why Bare Care is the right place to take hair removal procedure in Auckland.


  1. True Sugaring Technique.

    Bare Care is a hair removal salon where we use original sugaring techniques - no strips, no spatulas or any other tools, but hands only. Traditional manual or hand method works much better than strips, giving a more comfortable feeling during hair removal procedure and provides absolutely hair-free results.

  2. Original Sagar Paste

    If you know exactly what sugaring is and want to find a real sugaring salon in Auckland, then it is who we are.
    We use original bread of sugaring paste which Bare Care produces here in Auckland. We make a range of sugaring wax for different epilation zones and environmental requirements. We know that Auckland is a city with a high humidity level and some imported sugar pastes just meltdown in the local environment. Bare Care's sugaring wax is adjusted to New Zealand and Auckland's environment. Our sugar wax has nothing common with those advertised online for D.I.Y. use

  3. We do Male and Female sugar waxing services.

    Since 2017 Bare Care provides sugar waxing services for both women and men. So far we don't know any other salons in Auckland who do men's sugar waxing. We provide a full range of men's waxing services including male brazilian.

  4. Honest and competitive prices.

    There are no hidden prices or extra charges. You may notice that some waxing salons in Auckland charge extra fees for the first visit or if a customer had a break between sessions for more than 5 weeks. At Bare Care, customers pay a standard fee and it doesn't matter when was your last hair removal session or how strong your hair is.

  5. Experience and Social proof

    We perform more than 6 000 male and female sugaring hair removal procedures per year and have huge experience in waxing services. We guarantee the satisfaction of each sugaring procedure with 3 weeks of a money-back guarantee. It's also easy to find us online and see customer's feedback. Just google for Bare Care Auckland or find us on Facebook.

  6. Complimentary Beautitiancs.

    Last but not least reason to visit Bare Care hair removal salon is our neighborhood and vibe in the salon. We currently share the same roof with BEAUTY HUB NZ, which is a co-working space for the best beauticians in Auckland from our standpoint. It is a good place to receive all essential beauty services in the same place. We put all our afford and soul to build a friendly and welcome environment

So if you are looking for the best place to do sugaring in Auckland then give it a try at Bare Care and we will beat your previous waxing experience.

Looking forward to seeing you at our place
And if you are an exceptional beauty specialist, please don't hesitate and contact us


Best Regards,

Sugaring Specialist in Auckland

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Over several years of working as a sugar waxing specialist, I got many cases and success stories of fighting with ingrown hairs. In this article, I would like to highlight the top reasons causing ingrowing hairs and share recommendations on how to reduce chances to get such issue. But first of all, what is an ingrown hair and why does it happen?

What is an ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs are hairs that have been broken off or cut (often through hair removal methods) below the skin level or hairs that are growing from a damaged follicle. Then, instead of naturally growing out through the hair follicle, they choose their own exit path and penetrate the surrounding tissue. Alternatively, some hair that has come out of the hair follicle in the normal way can curl back and start growing into the skin. Then again there can be a buildup of dead skin cells which clog the hair follicle thus causing the hair to choose a different route out through surrounding tissue. In most cases, hair grows out perfectly from hair follicles but when ingrown hairs clog up the hair follicles, pimples may develop along with redness of the surrounding skin. That is pretty obvious, but what the reason for ingrown hairs?


Top 4 reasons causing ingrown hairs based on my personal experience:

Hair removal method. Some hair removal methods may not just work for you. They can irritate the hair follicle or damage the skin during the procedure. It is possible to "break" a hair under the skin instead of removing it as well as damage hair follicle and make micro bloodying. Then this hair is likely to grow into the skin. Dead skin cells that are accumulated on the surface of the skin can make the hair trapped under the old cells and bring to further irritation of the skin.

Dry skin, dehydration, lack of moisture. Even, if you are consistent with hair removal sessions and if hairs have been removed properly you still may struggle with ingrown hairs issue. Over the time sugaring makes the hair thinner and weaker and the combination of thin hair and dry skin makes hairs difficult to grow through the surface.

Too tight underwear. Consistent wearing of tight clothing like polyester, skinny jeans, leggings etc because they can prevent the skin from being able to breathe properly, and this can expedite the process of ingrown hair forming.

Hormonal imbalance. It is not obvious, but hormonal medicines (including contraceptives) may affect your skin state and hair growth process.

So, that were the four top reasons for ingrown hairs from my standpoint. But what to do if you are currently struggling with this issue? First of all, don't panic. If you narrowed done the potential reason, then you almost succeed.


General recommendations on how to get rid of ingrown hair:

1. First of all, make the right choice on the hair removal method and specialist. If you have too many red spots, irritation or even bleeding the right after hair removal procedure, then maybe the current method or specialist is not the best choice for you. Skin without hairs the right after hair removal session is not an indicator of the well-done epilation yet. Take your time and count how many days past after the last epilation procedure to the day when hairs started to resurface. If your hair removal been done well, then you should NOT get sharp black hairs growing through the skin just a one week after epilation, instead, hairs should start to resurface approximately 3 weeks after and they must be soft and have brighter compare to original color tone.

2. Keep a reasonable interval between hair removal sessions. Schedule yourself to get hair removal done on a regular routine. The longer time between sessions - the stronger hair roots, the higher the chances to damage the follicle during hair extraction and cause ingrown hair issue later on. On average, women return between four and six weeks for their next treatment. By keeping up on a schedule, your aesthetician will be able to remove potential trouble causing follicles. In another hand, the more you are consistent with sessions the longer period between sessions will be as the speed of hair growth along with the overall amount of hairs will be going down over time.

3. Keep your skin moisturized. But bear in mind, that you can apply skin care remedy only 3 days after hair removal session. Creams and moisturizers applied following waxing is a sure-fire way to clog up hair follicles. The idea is to keep the path of re-growth clear and open. Try to keep an even balance of natural oils and just listen to your skin. At the moment I'm writing this article I still didn't find a skin moisturizer which will 100% satisfy my requirements, so I still use aloe and tonics.

4. Stay loose (at least when you are at home) and use underwear made from natural materials. Wearing tight clothing that presses up against the newly waxed skin can cause ingrown hairs. First, the tight material can cause initial irritation. Then in the weeks following, the restrictiveness of the clothing can cause the hair to grow back into the skin. The area needs the opportunity to breathe. Cotton and other natural fabrics can help if you are prone to ingrown hairs.

5. Exfoliation matter. Please don't neglect such important aftercare procedure as exfoliation. It is also important to make it right. I recommend doing exfoliation 2 times a week since day 4 after your sugaring session. For the best result do exfoliation after several minutes of hot shower, when pores of the skin are open. If you have no exfoliation remedy at this moment - not a problem. Just take a handful of ground coffee, apply on to the skin and make light massage rounded movements all around epilated zones. Skin exfoliation with a shower sponge should be avoided. Scrubbing your skin when you have pimples in the hair removal zone will only make them worse. Exfoliation is the main remedy which helps to prevent ingrown hairs issue, but it is also an important general skincare procedure and your skin will love it

6. Keep Clean but take a step up from regular soap or shower gels which overdry your skin.

What to do if you already got ingrown hairs after waxing or hair removal?

1. First of all, please DO NOT try to squeeze acne caused by ingrown hairs and don't try to extract ingrown hair by yourself. 
2. Ask for an advise your hair removal specialist 
3. Do not delay the treatment. The idea is to help ingrown hair to resurface in a natural way before it "dies". If regular daily care and exfoliation didn't bring the desired result and you got first signs of ingrown hairs such as little dark spots under the skin or pimples, then you may try "ingrown hair solution". 
I was using that one https://www.lifepharmacy.co.nz/home/shop-by-brand/nads/nads-ingrow-solution-125ml but you try any other. The common ingredient across the most "ingrown hair solutions" is Salicylic Acid, which helps to destroy the connection between cells and release path for the growing hair, as far as this ingredient in the lest you are good to go. But please be careful and follow the instructions and apply solution only on affected spots. If you apply remedy to often, then it may overdry the skin. 

Hope you find the information above useful. I would appreciate if you give feedback in comments below, or maybe share your experience. 

Best Regards,
Marina Ivanova
Sugar Waxing Specialist 
Bare Care, Auckland



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